"Aaahhhh! It's my brother's face!"

"Anime Heretics Base are belong to us."

"Anime Heretics? Y'all are my bitches!"

"Bite me, Terminology Guy."

"But you're the only one who can put batteries in the kitty's ass!"


"Cramps bad -- Pocky good!"

"Do the Junky Boy!"

"Do you want to get on my shoulders, little man?"

"Dude, go to bed!"

"Either that or a gelatinous wall of human flesh, held together by a mutual like of a certain thing."

"He has no perception!"

"He shot that camera that wasn't even moving! He's unstoppable!"

"He was licking my lizard and playing with my Moujin Boo."

"Here these guys are trying to conduct business, and the freaks are taking over the hotel."

"Hey, Karsten, where's my tapes?"

"Hey, he can't do that! That's like indirect kissing!"

"Holy shit! I'm still drunk!"

"I brought Seamen....I had to use Danny's sack."

"I buy just about anything animated. I even have Tron."

"I just noticed that." "Of course you did...I just pointed it out."

"I remember Orbots! It was in the Conjunction Hour, right between Andbots and Butbots!"

"I said CHEESY, not cheesecakey!"

"I think I know what's going on..."

"I thought it was your job to make sarcastic innuendos to the anime." "Innuendo implies subtlety - there's nothing I could say that could make this any worse."

"I wanna be Pompadour Guy!"

"I'm intwined with her and you're asking what I'm thinking?"

"I'm not as drunk as I think you are."

"I've...um...never seen it."

"It didn't just suck ass, it sucked dirty goat ass..."

"It's Furinkan High School! All schools are Furinkan High School!"

"It's all the fun of Devilman -- with breasts!"

"It's gonna be deep suck."

"Just think of it as a white swimsuit..."

"Lower! Lower! Lower!"

"Man, why can't you be a girl?"

"Mwuahahaha! I am an evil dictator!" "No you're not. You're just a dick."

"My Pikachus vibrate..."

"No, I'm Drunken Asian Kid!"

"PLEEEEASE let us grovel for the GrovelCam™!"

"Please tell me he's in character... Please?"

"Put it in, you gotta take it out."

"She was blessed with a mouth with the proper acoustics."

"Smile for the camera and say 'Chii!'"

"So if this was a Powerpuff Girls crossover, would that be Mojo Jojo attacks the Tendo Dojo?"

"So, what did you bring?"

"Steve Bennett is god...and I wanna spank god."

"That's a good theory...."

"These costumes keep getting better and better." "And the skits get worse and worse."

"This is not the Heather you're looking for."

"Those glow much bigger than yours!"

"We had to check for 2 hours to make sure Grandpa's dead."

"We have coffee, milk, water, Dr. Pepper, the Evil Caffeine-Free Diet Coke That Will Not Die, tea, and green."

"We made Brad DeMoss famous!"

"What did the lizard have to do with it?" "He was the insurance rep."

"What's with that outfit? Cinderella from the waist up, and a hooker from the waist down!"

"What?? You mean Tenchi has alternate universes?"

"Why are you turning it up? You're reading!"

"Wow! God swallows!" "No he doesn't....he spit her right back out!"

"You had to be there..."

"You just lost a buttton! That button was your PANTS!"

"You people are VERY easily amused..."

Series comparison: "It's like Dragon Half, but not really."

Series comparison: "It's like Fairy Princess Ren, but with WAY more crack."

Series comparison: "It's like Idol Project, but with more fanservice."

Series comparison: "It's like Utena, but with less crack."