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I am currently in the process of revamping the entire website. There are several areas that aren't available yet, a few text bits that will be links but don't link to anything yet, and some dead links or missing images. I have gotten a few areas completed. but this is a work in progress. Have patience and please check back if what you're looking for isn't online yet. If you would like to comment on how the site looks, please feel free to e-mail me at

4th Annual Pre-Kon Bash - 2001 - Wide-Angle Lens
  • Showings -- Complete

  • Newsletter -- Complete

  • About the Club -- In Progress -- The History section is up. I've got revised member questionaires from everyone, but I need the drawings from Hotwire to do the members section. FAQs I still need to compose. I've decided to change the "Mailing List" section to "Inside Jokes," and this is where I plan to compile all the goofy running gags that the Anime Heretics have developed over the years.

  • Fun Stuff -- In Progress -- Still no main page, and a bit more content to add, but the Photo Album's up.

  • Store -- A Gleam in My Eye -- This will likely be one of the last phases to complete on this new site...I need to do a bunch of designs, and organize a better interface with CafePress (as well as keep up with specials from time to time)...I also plan to add a few click-through partnerships with some online anime-related stores, and possibly set up a few things (like AH Window Decals, Buttons, and World Domination Poker decks) with a system like PayPal to sell direct. This one will take time once I get to it.

  • Links -- Not started yet -- This one is relatively simple, but still on the back burner...I want my own content up before I worry about sending people somewhere else.